by Francine Rubin

The body can move forever
in an infinite number of configurations.

Knees hinge in circles.

A quadricep is an unsnapping rubber band.

Toes lift to ear, forming a widening line.

Legs splitting 360 degrees,
the angle grows into a circle.

Elbows ripple.  An arm
becomes a fin.

Infinite ripples; multiple fins.

Bodies strum
at the slightest provocation,
vibrating air.  Humming.

Each body can lift
multiple bodies.
Multiple bodies
in the palm of a hand.

Convergence of lines:
ten bodies become
two bodies become
one body, limbs merging.

A fin is an arm is a wing.

When a body jumps,
it escapes earth, suspending indefinitely,
thrumming air.


Francine Rubin’s chapbook, Geometries, is available from Finishing Line Press, and her pamphlet The Last Ballet Class is available from Neon.  A former ballet dancer, she now works as the Director of Academic Support at Roxbury Community College.  Online, she lives at