The Bleeding Lion is a journal of contemporary arts and letters with a special focus on anatomy, cross-cultural, visual arts & diverse pieces. We love brave and tenacious artists who have something to say and are loud and cavernous in their roar. Our goal is to publish literature of the highest caliber from all genres and all corners of the world.

TBL is a quarterly online & print journal with its first publication date set for Spring 2015. We are looking for innovative & unique works of art. We like pieces that don’t fit into conventional genres, pieces that stay with us long after we’ve read them, we like everything and anything about works of witness, pain & survival, and we especially like pieces accompanied with visuals one way or another.

Please send us your best, most vulnerable and/or macabre work. Read our submission guidelines here. We can’t wait to read your work!


The founder of The Bleeding Lion is Mahtem Shiferraw, and each issue is curated by selected editors.

Inaugural Issue: Spring 2015 – Curated by Mahtem Shiferraw

Issue II: Summer 2015 – Curated by Benjamin Woodard

Issue III: Fall 2015 – Curated by TBD

Issue IV: Winter 2015 – Curated by TBD



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